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The Livingston Parish School Board recognizes that it has an obligation to adopt all steps necessary to provide a safe environment for the students, staff and public under its jurisdiction. Therefore, the Livingston Parish School Board authorizes the use of metal detectors to minimize the presence of implements that may be used as weapons on Board-owned property and/or campuses or at school sponsored events. Searches with metal detectors may be performed by law enforcement agencies or school personnel or a combination of both parties. All guidelines in the School Board's Policy Manual concerning searches of a student, employee, and/or non-student, non-employee, shall apply when metal detectors indicate the presence of an item(s) on a student's, employee's and/or non-student's, non-employee's person or in his/her personal effects. The use of metal detectors shall be approved by administrative personnel prior to implementation of a search.


When metal detectors are used, the individuals to be searched shall be requested to remove all metal objects from their pockets along with any bags, parcels, or other containers being carried. If the detector activates on a person, the individual conducting the search shall request that any remaining metal objects be removed. If the detector activates again, the individual shall be personally searched by an administrator of the same sex. At least one witness, also of the same sex as the individual, shall be present throughout the search. The personal search shall be conducted only in the area of the body which activated the metal detector. The object causing the metal detector to activate shall be removed and the individual searched with the metal detector again. The search shall continue until the metal detector ceases to activate on the subject's person.

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