The Livingston Parish School System has committed to organizing its instructional approach and programs in such a manner as to cater to the individual needs of all its students; to set clearly defined attainable goals; to provide for appropriate placement; to provide for continuous evaluation and progression, reassessment and assignment; and to provide educationally sound remediation as required.

The Livingston Parish School Board shall require pupil promotion and retention in the district schools to be based upon an evaluation of each pupil's achievement in terms of appropriate instructional goals. District-wide standards for promotion and retention of students have been established in the Pupil Progression Plan for Livingston Parish and shall govern the placement of students. Pupils meeting the standards and other criteria established in this plan shall be eligible for promotion and/or credit. Regulations set by the Livingston Parish School Board and the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education shall also be met in order to receive credit.

The Pupil Progression Plan for Livingston Parish shall be revised annually and copies of the latest adoption thereof shall be made available to teachers, students, parents, and the general public in the same manner as all policies of the Board.

Ref: La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 17:24.4; Pupil Progression Plan for Livingston Parish School Board; Board minutes, 12-18-80.