The Livingston Parish School Board supports the concept that a Competency-Based Education Program provides the best educational atmosphere and opportunity for students to attain the educational goals and aspirations of its citizenry.

The Livingston Parish instructional program is based on the premise that the program must provide options to accommodate the many different learning styles of all its students, including the students with special instructional needs who subsequently require curricular alternatives.

The Livingston Parish School System advocates local community involvement. The System also promotes the idea of providing a safe and pleasing learning environment which is promoted throughout the Parish.


The mission of the Livingston Parish School System is to provide an educational program of excellence that solicits active participation from schools, communities and concerned citizens by encouraging systemic change in a safe and drug free environment. Such an environment allows collaborative efforts to develop and implement lifelong educational strategies to prepare individuals as responsible citizens in an ever-changing world.

Ref: Board minutes, 4-85, 6-96.