Cf:  EDC





            The Livingston Parish School Board may provide cell phones to employees to ensure the safety of the educational community and school clientele, as well as to enhance all facets of school operations and procedures to improve the efficiency of the district.  The Superintendent shall designate those employees who may be issued cell phones, based on the employees’ duties and responsibilities.


            Cell phones are not a personal benefit, nor a primary mode of personal communication. Cell phones must be used for school-related business only.  While Board-owned cell phones are not to be used for personal calls, should such calls occur, the School Board shall be reimbursed for all personal calls as well as a pro rata share of assessed fees and charges.  Employees shall reimburse the School Board within ten (10) days of the billing notice by the School Board.


            School Board personnel shall monitor use of the Board-owned cell phones on a monthly basis for propriety and reasonableness of phone use and review the policy on a yearly basis.



New policy:  January, 2009